Rarely have I encountered a soprano who has communicated so effectively with the audience as Elaine.
Paul Fricker

Thank you for your CD which I was delighted to receive. I know we shall enjoy listening to it very much, particularly ‘How Beautiful are the Feet’.
Dr. John Sentamu

Archbishop of York

What a magnificent recital you gave on Saturday night! It was a superb performance – you held all of the audience’s attention from the first note to the last, and your choice of repertoire was perfect. Everybody immensely enjoyed the evening and the whole event was a great success.
Louis Demetrius


It is with pleasure that I record Elaine’s devotion throughout the years to her singing. Triumphing over illness, she has steadfastly followed her star and, over time, achieved much, continually exploring and dedicating herself to many aspects of her art. She has appeared with considerable well-deserved success on many occasions, communicating with love, dedication and generosity her ever increasing repertoire.
Janet Edmunds

I have recently had so much enjoyment and pleasure out of listening to Elaine’s wonderful voice. Both Ian and Elaine complement each other. The whole CD and choice of music is outstanding.
Anne Simpson

Elaine is a remarkable classical singer blessed with an amazing and beautiful voice. She has an incredible voice as well as a lovely personality and I would not hesitate to recommend her for Concerts and recording purposes.
Trudi Bellinger

Video Director and Music Producer

The feedback from the audience has been superb. It really was an enormous achievement and fulfilled the wishes of the Arts 50 Alive! Network to be intergenerational, a cultural and musical experience. Thank you so much for your support.
Helen Shaw

Area Community Development Worker

A truly remarkable and versatile voice, utterly dedicated to serve the music and the perceived needs of her audience. Elaine’s programming is always thoughtful and balanced to achieve maximum effect. Immaculate control and phrasing.

Brian West

Elaine Huckle’s powerful voice, combined with beautiful music really takes you to another world. A great listen for fans of classical music, even first time listeners will resonate with the stunning sound of musical eloquence.
Dilwar Hussain

I have found the music of Elaine Huckle deeply moving and at the same time very relaxing and therapeutic. She has the ability to set your mind at rest and promote calm and thoughtful feelings. I have only just discovered Elaine’s music but listen to it regularly whilst driving or to unwind in the evening.
Paul Jamie Turnbull

I can honestly say that this is one of the most relaxing cd’s that I have heard. I use it regularly on my long journeys to de-stress after a challenging day at work. There is very good medical evidence that the use of music therapies helps in a multitude of conditions ranging from anxiety and stress all the way through to stimulation of the brain in dementia and other disorders such as cerebral palsy. I would highly recommend this for anyone who has a love and appreciation of music of any sort.
Dr Jason Reddy